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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations

MTLE Study Guide Updates

The Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board and Pearson are pleased to announce that the MTLE study guides are being updated. Each updated study guide will include a set of sample test questions equal to the full scorable set of questions on a test form. (Note that operational tests may include additional test questions that are being evaluated for future administrations and that do not affect a candidate's score.)

Additionally, the updated study guides include rationales for each multiple-choice question that explain the correct response.

The following test fields now feature updated study guides:

TestDate Updated Guide Published
Agricultural Education (Grades 5–12)7/25/2017
Business (Grades 5–12)2/14/18
Chemistry (Grades 9–12)2/27/18
Communication Arts/Literature (Grades 5–12)9/1/2017
Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology (Grades K–12)12/20/2017
Dance (Grades K–12)7/25/2017
Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade 3)7/25/2017
Earth and Space Science (Grades 9–12)2/27/18
Elementary Education (Grades K–6) (first test administration 8/27/18)6/5/18
English as a Second Language (Grades K–12) (first test administration 8/27/18)6/5/18
Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 5–12)8/22/2017
Health (Grades 5–12)12/20/2017
Instrumental Classroom Music (Grades K–12)8/22/2017
Library Media Specialist (Grades K–12)7/25/2017
Life Science (Grades 9–12)2/14/18
Mathematics (Grades 5–12)7/25/2017
Middle Level Communication Arts/Literature (Grades 5–8) (first test administration 8/27/18)6/5/18
Middle Level Mathematics (Grades 5–8)7/25/2017
Middle Level Science (Grades 5–8)2/14/18
Middle Level Social Studies (Grades 5–8)8/22/2017
Pedagogy: Early Childhood (Birth to Grade 3)12/20/2017
Pedagogy: Elementary (Grades K–6)10/25/2017
Pedagogy: Secondary (Grades 5–12)8/22/2017
Physical Education (Grades K–12)2/14/18
Physics (Grades 9–12)2/20/18
PrePrimary (Age 3 to PreKindergarten) (first test administration 8/27/18)6/5/18
Reading Teacher (Grades K–12)7/25/2017
Social Studies (Grades 5–12)7/25/2017
Special Education Core Skills (Birth to Age 21) (first test administration 8/27/18)6/5/18
Technology (Grades 5–12)10/25/2017
Theatre (Grades K–12)2/14/18
Visual Arts (Grades K–12)8/22/2017
Vocal Classroom Music (Grades K–12)8/22/2017
World Language and Culture: French (Grades K–12)12/20/2017
World Language and Culture: German (Grades K–12)10/25/2017
World Language and Culture: Spanish (Grades K–12)7/25/2017