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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations

Mapping the Test Framework to the Curriculum

Mapping the test framework to the curriculum is an activity designed to assist faculty in determining how well their course curriculum covers the knowledge and skills tested by the MTLE tests.

Step 1. View or print the following instructions and sample completed worksheet:

Step 2. Access your field's worksheet by selecting from the following links

Essential Academic Skills Test


Pedagogy Tests

Pedagogy: Early Childhood (Birth to Grade 3)
Pedagogy: Elementary (Grades K–6)
Pedagogy: Secondary (Grades 5–12)

Content Area Tests

Agricultural Education (Grades 5–12)
Business (Grades 5–12)
Chemistry (Grades 9–12)
Communication Arts/Literature (Grades 5–12)
Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology (Grades K–12)
Dance (Grades K–12)
Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade 3)
Earth and Space Science (Grades 9–12)
Elementary Education (Grades K–6)
English as a Second Language (Grades K–12)
Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 5–12)
Health (Grades 5–12)
Instrumental Classroom Music (Grades K–12)
Library Media Specialist (Grades K–12)
Life Science (Grades 9–12)
Mathematics (Grades 5–12)
Middle Level Communication Arts/Literature (Grades 5–8)
Middle Level Mathematics (Grades 5–8)
Middle Level Science (Grades 5–8)
Middle Level Social Studies (Grades 5–8)
Physical Education (Grades K–12)
Physics (Grades 9–12)
PrePrimary (Age 3 to PreKindergarten)
Reading Teacher (Grades K–12)
Social Studies (Grades 5–12)
Special Education Core Skills (Birth to Age 21)
Technology (Grades 5–12)
Theatre (Grades K–12)
Visual Arts (Grades K–12)
Vocal Classroom Music (Grades K–12)
World Language and Culture: Chinese (Mandarin) (Grades K–12)
World Language and Culture: French (Grades K–12)
World Language and Culture: German (Grades K–12)
World Language and Culture: Spanish (Grades K–12)